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I'm a mathematician working in set theory. I'm mainly interested in (iterated) forcing, its application to set theory of the reals, and special sets of real numbers.

In October 2013, I got my PhD at the Vienna University of Technology, with Martin Goldstern as my advisor.

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I'm a postdoc working at the University of Hamburg, in the Mathematical Logic group of Prof. Benedikt Löwe.

Finished my PhD on October 7th 2013

The title of my thesis is "Special sets of real numbers and variants of the Borel Conjecture".

On Monday, October 7th 2013, I had my PhD defense.

Borel Conjecture and dual Borel Conjecture

Together with Martin Goldstern, Jakob Kellner and Saharon Shelah, I have worked on the joint paper "Borel Conjecture and dual Borel Conjecture".

We show the consistency of "Borel Conjecture + dual Borel Conjecture", i.e., the existence of a model of ZFC in which there is neither an uncountable strong measure zero set nor an uncountable strongly meager set.

Here is a link to "Borel Conjecture and Dual Borel Conjecture" on arXiv.

"Small subsets of the real line and generalizations of the Borel Conjecture"

From 2010 to 2011, I was recipient of the DOC fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. I had to prepare a poster on the occasion of the fellowship award ceremony taking place in February 2010.

You can view or download large versions of my poster either



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